some things

some of the people who get in our life are meant to remain for long time, some of them only to stay for a while.
some of the close friends we have are not always the ones that we see every day, but the ones who know what to say when we call.
some of the words we hear are not always the ones we want, but can be the most powerful that we need to hear.
some of the random moments of hurt might confuse us, but might also prepare for that love we waited for long.  
some of the things we feel are meant to be said but we might need to let go of that haunted fear.

some days we just need simple things and small gestures to realize that love is such a small thing that we keep in our hand.



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this. :) so cute.

Little Rus said...

Beautiful post. x

classiq said...

Beautiful words. :)

Christel @ Captivated by image said...

There a lot of truth to be found in these words.

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Zazuza said...

some hugs from your sister will always keep you warm :)