i want to do everything

  •  find those shoes and get them for a walk 
  •  see this movie below (please do not tell me to read the book, I want the movie)
Anne Frank: The Whole Story 

  • try some hair tutorials with Keiko  (i'm so lazy with my hair lately...but this seems simple)
  • eat some healthy Swiss chocolate from my friend who visited Geneva 
  • go somewhere in a place where no excel is required (yes, i got too much into work lately)
  • have a runway from the city (no snow included if possible)

  • keep the drumming song aroung: play


classiq said...

Maybe you would be interested in the movie "The Diary of Anne Frank" (1959) too, directed by George Stevens. An excellent film.
I can't wait to get over this winter and snow! xo

colorsdiary said...

thanks for the idea :)

Zazuza said...

OMG OMG what's with the red boots, sis?

a dreamer. said...

where is the last picture taken?
looks like a lab :)
and of course, red boots are always awesome.

a dreamer. said...

oh, do share if you get to be lucky enough to get out of town.
i miss a trip almost like missing air.

colorsdiary said...

dear Z: I so want those red boots :D

dear dreamer: last picture was taken in a villa :)

i did not get the chance to go on a trip unfortunately