oh my

If for any reason you have reached this page, you have to see these photos and know their author; i found them on the fb page of a friend and I absolutely had to show them; the author's name is Dan Cristian Mihailescu  (http://www.facebook.com/mihailescu.dan), here is the entire set of photos called The Cold And Steaming Black Sea 2012.amazing!
p.s. dear author, I'm speechless. thank you!


a dreamer. said...

when i first saw them on fb i thought : well look what ps and a little bit of imagination can do :).
of course tech and nature's power has its credit!

but it's good someone's also paying attention to our country's beauties, right?

colorsdiary said...

right :)

Anonymous said...


Zazuza said...

mazing, indeed! and I am speechless.