i love coffee and story tellers

I love coffee and flowers and I guess there is nothing in this world able to prevent me from drinking that magic liquid, not even the allergy I get from time to time... what you see here is my reaction when my mom said I should stop drinking coffee and find a replacement. oh, no!!! 

off topic but quite interesting: today on my way back to Bucharest I met an ex ballerina with a great story; at 10 she ran away from home to take ballet lessons, she lived far for her family as she had to study, went to another country to pursue her dream and in the end got into a lot of trouble. her identity documents were retained by her professor so she could not get back to the family, she had to find a way out, take life in her hands and become what she is today... she was so simple and had a great talent for telling every fact of her life that I had the feeling she was talking about a movie. she is 48 now, extremely natural and beautiful, with a sweet smell of spring. I went with her to the airport to offer some help and just to be able to hear the happy end of the story, meaning about the time when she met the love of her life and moved in a house by the sea. aw, extremely romantic, isn't it?

if you like story tellers and traveling just as much as i do, go check some stories from Zazuza about Serbia, just click here and here, then enjoy ;) 


Zazuza said...

awwww, what a lovely surprise, thank you! I was thinking how much i love coffee and stories, too... >:D< hugs, my dear!

colorsdiary said...

>:D< back ;)

Renée said...

It's really difficult to read your posts, just saying :)
cute photos

colorsdiary said...

this is because i m not used to write for other people, joking :))

just let me know if i can help

Zazuza said...

well, I think that the font is way too small. can you make it bigger? I see different sizes of fonts for the post and for comments... maybe it's one setting you can adjust. I thought it's only my computer, but I see others complaining too :)).

colorsdiary said...

this is strange, because i see it normal :S
i will try to change the settings for the font and make it bigger.