now really, i was not the Easter bunny

I ran out of town, walked a lot instead of using a car (lol, i don't even have one...), went to confession (it was long time since last time), took a deep breath and thought of everything I experienced lately, finally realized that some people will never be around again (farewell dear Irina...) and felt like quiting my job and going out there to see the world (thought about going to a safari in Kenya, then to alaska and then to bali); in the end decided to come back to earth from the clouds, enjoy some moments of peace and go back to the city with fresh energy. I'm not sad or depressed but calm and grateful for all i got up to now (no matter good or bad).


Zazuza said...

count some new friends on the list with the good things. add also some hugs and indeed the after Easter world will look a bit better ;).

colorsdiary said...

hihihi, i did count new friends :P
thank you!

Suflet naiv said...

yummy :>