i have received these multiple bracelets this last year for my birthday from my team and i really love them. they get together most of the colors i like. what is your fav item at the beginning of 2011?

as you can see, i'm not yet used to this twenty eleven year, it will take some time. (hope not too much :))


Zazuza said...

oh, what a nice bunch of bracelets! hmm... let me think: they are three - my skinny jeans, an oversizes blue pullover and a lovely bracelet with charms.

Zazuza said...

typo alert: oversized :))

Francesca said...

so colourful! my fav item would have to be my new tiffany & co :)

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

colorsdiary said...

@Zazuza: i also love blue :)

@ Francesca: i'll have to see that, hope u did post it :)

a dreamer. said...

well those are some nice bracelets!
i kept saying i would buy some friendship/love bracelets and i never get to. i guess the universe is conspiring against me :).
right now? at the beggining of 2011? hm. it would be a thing that doesn't belong to me, but i'm still dreaming one day will be mine also. i had it for 2 days and it's called a Nikon D5000 (sigh). one that does belong to me could be the sweetest jewelry ever i received.

colorsdiary said...

DSLR slurp: i m with you for that item.

you have to insist with the nice bracelets and one day they will be yours :)

Ana said...

I like them :)

They are so fresh and cool :)