how i met your mother

Work has started today and i m not that happy about it as i realized my holidays should have been longer than 1 week. (what am i talking? holidays are never enough, right ... ?).
what you see on the screen is How i met your mother, i reached the 4th season at the time where Barney is falling in love with Robin. i also have on my list the last movie of Johny Depp & Angelina Jolie (the Tourist) and the Social Network.

Hope this week will be nice enough to run quicky. have an easy one!


Zazuza said...

comfort movies :)?! I'm with you, sister! work sucks, holidays are too short :)!

a dreamer. said...

I guess you're right. we never have enough holidays or weekends. but I consider you now lucky. on one side. you said you are working. that means you have a job. that means you're lucky :p. that means you can afford to buy the things that make your life sweeter, better once in a time. wish I had the opportunity. yet I still keep on university and people say I'm lucky cause I get to fool around and not asume responsability and hard work too soon. I guess that's nice for life too. but it makes it a bit frustrating, when the family doesn't have enough power to make your sweeetest dreams come true and it only depends on you.

anyway... oh, my mouth said too much!
excuse my endless word line :p

colorsdiary said...

@zazuza: great word you said about work! :))

colorsdiary said...

@adreamer.: i envy you for still being in school. you being now in school and taking benefit of the time or space you have is great! the fact of not having the power of getting everything you want is a big motivator for later on in your future when you will have a job, trust me!