so this is the last day of my holiday; i'm still confused and have no resolutions for this year.
if you wanna know what i did all day, i cannot tell you because i did not do much.  
only managed to redecorate my room and change the curtains (i have some simple yellow ones) and i m really thinking about painting a sun on the wall (don't know if my landlord will approve that). if painting will not work, i will find a "sun" or "sunflower" to hang on the wall.

i got a call from my boss today asking me if i read my emails. well, i said, no, cause i am on holiday :))
oh, and i also did some pancakes, yum. 
have a nice weekend!


Poo said...

same here, still confused and have no resulotions!
have a nice weekend :)

colorsdiary said...

it s good to know someone else is in the same "mood" :)

thanks, enjoy!

M.Weston said...

Oh! comme il est trop mignon le petit chat !!!
Moi, aussi j'ai pas de résolutions ;) , peut-être que dépenser moins d'argent dans les fringues en serait une... non, j'ai trop besoin d'habits pour vivre !


colorsdiary said...

M Weston, j'ai l'intention de depenser moins tous les mois mais je n'y arrive jamais. mmmm, ca pourrait etre une resolution ...ou non, on va voir :))