Sometimes I think about my life and just want to kind of bang my head into a wall

just wanna tell you one thing but i shouldn't, but i will, or not, but i have to, or not ... k, i will tell you.
i hate the universe and i don't understand how it works!!! i don't get where are our wishes going and where the hell is the justice in this world. please don't ask me what happened, instead just tell me if you ever felt like some things that you planned or wanted a lot and took time to think about just happened without any effort to some people that never planned or wanted them. it's like thinking for some months about flying with the balloon or going to the north pole and seeing somebody that does it just like that, without any obstacle or having to worry about something.  how is that possible? i just need some vodka chocolate to calm down completely

later edit: i'm ok :)


Poo said...

i second that :)
hope you feel better soon!

colorsdiary said...

thanks, i m better :)

Zazuza said...

chocolate or try counting some lotuses - works with me :))

colorsdiary said...

thanks :)