worst movies I saw lately

So here are the easy movies I managed to see lately:

Wanderlust, rated at 5.6 (I think it is better than the one to come)

Our idiot bother, rated at 6.5 (funny and somehow resisted until the end, both feature Paul Rudd)

The best exotic marigold hotel, rated at 7.3 (more worthy than the 2 ones above, has some interesting lines, features Judi Dench)

The other woman, rated at 6.3 (I like Natalie Portman, it is the only excuse I have, otherwise the movie is sad and weird)

And now the ones I want to see:

Great expectations (I always loved the original idea of the book of Ch Dickens)
A burning hot summer (French movie with Monica Belluci, I still like her)

let me know something else interesting if you know, seems i'm out of inspiration these days.

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