french style? of course

I am in that point where my level of energy is decreasing and insomnia seems to be a close one; tried several ways to make it go away but it s not that easy. On the other side, weather outside is getting chilly and I seem to enjoy it much more than the heat we had during the summer. Yesterday we spent a lot of time in the park after strolling to a baby expo fair. These are some of the baby room selection designs found one of the past evenings. Hope you found them as lovely as I did.




Zazuza's Gulaschsuppe said...

awwwwww, so cute! for insomnia, make breath in - breath out exercise that works with me 10000000% ;)) (for example, imagine you inhale blue sky, exhale... cute ducklings :)), or whatever you like. focus on that and you'll fall asleep really fast and with a good mood :) )

Anonymous said...

Oh, Doamne! știi că vreau să mă mut acolo nu?? cred că mă îndrăgostesc prea des :(( - despre case vorbec, să fie clar! :P

Ioana Liliana said...

AH sooo cute!