the Christmas song

enjoy! have fun! love! be kind and share the love! turn your face and smile to the person that made you cry and be faithfull in what you got this year! everything else can be ignored.


Little Rus said...

Merry Christmas!!! Happy holiday wishes to you and your loved ones! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear blog friend, I hope you've been enjoying festive and peaceful holidays with your family.

This greeting reaches you a little later than I intended it. I haven't been much around in blogosphere, as I was dealing with the flu.

colorsdiary said...

thank you both for the wishes!:)

a dreamer. said...

oh, have you restarted all over?
in fact, no. it's just you left only 1 post per page.
but i see you're still working on the template.
i would want to make my home cherryblossomgarancedoresque too, but i can't seem to find the right match so that it could look that pretty and neat without paying a web designer :(.
it's a thign i constantly fight with, from time to time.

i agree with what you said, as long as we could stay away from the world outside. but i'm pretty sure we can't.
well, at least there's hope these days.
i'm a little numb in this period.

anyways, glad you're back.

a dreamer.

colorsdiary said...

I m having trouble as well changing the layout and stuff but as you can see I do experience a lot of things hoping one day I get to something lovely.

we can't stay away from the world outside all the time but we can have our moments of peace :)

with <3,

classiq said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, love and unforgettable moments. :)