12 to december


I apologize for not being able to feel proud to be Romanian, I actually don't feel a thing about the National day.
I've seen so many ugly things and situations lately that I cannot simply feel any joy.
Still hope there are people out there who find it in their heart to enjoy; I've been in the Old center tonight and saw happy strangers. There are a lot of them coming here and having good time, sometimes I wonder what are they still seeing here and me, I don't.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, you need to find one good thing about your nation and celebrate that ... and you could also ask all those strangers what they're seeing ;-)

a dreamer. said...

i feel you.
but i guess it's almost like we, like strangers, go into another city and get amazed by its beauty and the people that already are sick of living there for many many years are wondering what do we see. it's quite an ironical situation, it happen'd to me while in Budapest, when the guy who rented us the flat asked us if that was our first time in the city and i said very excited that it was our 5th time and he asked us how come we didn't get bored after all this time.
i don't know, probably if there is something, any tiny or positive at all, it attracts you and if it's something good, really awesome on a long term, then it gets your heart and makes you return each week/month/year.

but yes, in our cities, i don't really get that last feeling that often. instead, i feel way stranger than in other countries.

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...


Zazuza's Gulaschsuppe said...

well... Austrians don't make a big fuss about their national day. we are all simply glad it's a free day :))

Ana said...

Told you always post the cool est pics!<3

classiq said...

I'm not very patriotic either, but I think we have gotten used to see just the bad in this country and just the good everywhere else. There are ugly parts and beautiful parts everywhere in the world, so let's be more optimistic and try to make a difference. xo