order and disorder

there is this contest we have at work, about creating an eco art object from things that we use in the office and can be recycled. apparently this is not something difficult but I simply cannot stick to only one idea. still, I want something simple, usefull and unique and I also hope someone else will not have accidentaly same idea as mine. this is why I hate contests. 


a dreamer. said...

aww, you also have the cupcake book!
i really love it, just when i see it in the bookcorner makes me smile, i don't know, it just has a nice effect on me. i thought on buying the journal also, but i am pretty sure i would keep it unwritten, cause usually i'm a sucker and i feel pitty of using it, wasting it.
oh, well, my ideas.

so, i say, go ahead with the thingy that makes you smile, with the project.
just my humble oppinion.

colorsdiary said...

I actually have the journal as well, guess what? it is unwritten :)

classiq said...

Is that a Mango top I see there? I have one too. :) As for the work project, I don't know, but what I can tell you is that I love stationery, so I always make own birthday or Christmas cards to send to family and friends. :)

colorsdiary said...

yup, Mango it is; the grey one is also from them ;)

p.s. i also love stationary :)

Zazuza's Gulaschsuppe said...

revista de gospo ghicesc eu pe-acolo, sau mi se pare :D?

colorsdiary said...

asa e, ghicesti bine, e si singura de altfel :):)