addicted to the light

I m trying to enjoy as much as possible the last days of  light and warm weather because I know once we get more and more into autumn, rain and wind will take over.
I have also made some good provisions of cinnamon and hot chocolate as they are my antidote for everything during the ugly days. I know, you might think I\m getting extremely cautious, but in fact I love shopping for cinnamon and tasty chocolate in all forms.
Hope you're having a nice weekend, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

mmmmm, cinnamon and chocolate ... now you're talking girl ;-)

Ana said...

I loooveee cinnamonnn

Ioana Liliana said...

Hot chocolate and cinnamonn is ALWAYS a good idea!


a dreamer. said...

i'm with you!
ok, without cinnamon :)
but i'm a one step into the last days of summer and one in the first days of autumn, which, in my area, are clearly not here yet.

colorsdiary said...

i take u, without cinnamon :)