i left my heart in Paris

as I've been unable to sleep for the  last 4 days due to all sort of pains and stupid thoughts associated, I've been browsing some memories about Paris.

S. has also tried to comfort me giving me Pulp to listen. thank you, dear friend!



SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh dear - hope you are feeling better soon. Visiting Paris - mentally or IRL is always wonderful.

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon!

colorsdiary said...

thanks a lot, i m better!!

classiq said...

Lovely pictures! Hope you're feeling better! :)

a dreamer. said...

i'm sorry for hearing you had a bit harder time, let's say. but i can totally relate to you, you know that. I think i'm the queen of all pains and dark&twisted thoughts. maybe it's in my nature and i'll always have these periods, but i have to learn to pass through them in the lightest and lessn painful way that can be, if there is such thing.
and for that, Paris is always the sweet gentle remedy.
i just really hope we'll always be able/afford it.

colorsdiary said...


dear dreamer, only you will be able to educate yourself to pass through all hard times :)