h & m is here

and this is my wishlist

i've been lusting for that ring since Zazuza posted a picture of it on fb ;)
soon (hope) to be mine, hihihi

here is the link were more info can be found about products and not only: click
and a nice Sunday song, lovely video included ;)

last but not least, an interview with Gisele: click (attention, you have to scroll down a while until getting to what she says ;)

@photos: www.hm.com


classiq said...

I've already paid a visit to h&m. Satisfied by some basic products, unsatisfied by others because of the poor quality of the fabrics, but that's always been the case with h&m. Love the turquoise ring, I missed it in my shopping spree. :) Ada

colorsdiary said...

you are right, some of the items do not have great quality on fabrics

oh, and that ring has to be mine :))

amy said...

I love all of the color palettes. So spring like

amy !

LatteLisa said...

thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I hope you get that ring ;-)

Renée said...

Hihi I have that ring, don't now anymore where I bought it...

The Hearabouts said...

The ring is the only thing I've seen in store.
:-?, maybe I haven't paid enough attention, but I do believe that they don't have all these products that are shown online.

Cute song!

The Hearabouts

colorsdiary said...

@The hearabouts: uhm, then i think i'll have an issue :))

Inge said...

very nice wishlist I'm staying away of shopping at H&M at the moment as I am afraid of the enthusiasm which has been created around this launch and therefore unrational massive purchase which has been going on. Hence...I don't want to walk in uniforms just yet!

colorsdiary said...

Inge: valid point, i only hope we'll be creative enough to not wear uniformes ;)

a dreamer. said...

while in Budapest, one morning, on the sofa i was reading the Gisele interview, of course, as usual, as always her life has to be perfect as she is.
don't take that as i admire it neither to not like it.
anyways, hope you got that ring!
i'm still inlove withe the blue ring i bought back in december from h&m prague! it makes me feel a bit precious? :p
i can't wait to also get my eyes and heart between the rings from Accessorize in Cluj, i'm sure they have a huge amount of goodies.

colorsdiary said...

i have the same feeling about Gisele, do not worry! i ofetn get amused by the celebrities who's life have to be perfect :))