dream a little dream


i want to dream a fairytale and when i wake up just want to feel like still being a part of it. i think i want to have magic powers. did you have any crazy dream lately? 


a dreamer said...

even if i'm still not home from the trip, i guess my crazy dream is to travel to Paris for one month, one week. but i can perfectly relate to your crazy dream too :)

Zazuza said...

I still believe in fairies ;)

The Hearabouts said...

I sometimes dream I have magic powers and I don't want to wake up :P. And I love this editorial, it's amazing!

Thanks for the comment :)

The Hearabouts

colorsdiary said...

adreamer: Paris for 1 month is my dream too :)

@Zazuza: i was afraid i m the only one, thanks ;)

@the Hearabouts: that would be perfect, tx as well :p