short telegram to self

  • I am suffering from an empty memory. I cannot remember clearly my life before having a child but I remember people. I have a good memory about faces and people and I kept them with me.It feels good especially because I have to stay at home a lot while taking care of the littletreasure.
  • Today, as consequence of a small little event i realised that my kid is connected to me forever. Today I had to choose between leting her alone locked in a room and carrying her in my arms. What did I chose? I chose to take her with me; in fact my instinct took her without even thinking too much. It was not easy; I wrapped her in a large red ribbon and we went out. 
  • People say that I have changed a lot, in reality I think I started to find myself. It will take a while till I get there but thanks God time is on my side. 
  • Did you see the Secret? I think it will be one of the movies to go on my watchlist.  

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Ana said...

:))) I love this post!!! I saw the Secret too :)