1 month

We already spent one month with the little one, incredible how time flies, huh?
Other than that our life changes every day and we need to adapt quickly.
Christmas was quiet and serene, with a touch of joy from our godfather and mother and nice presents :)
For the end of year we have no plans, we will see what future brings.
Hope the holidays will find you safe and sound, a bientot!


Hollow Bones said...

This is such a wonderful picture! <3
I wish you all the best!

raluca marie wolfski said...
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raluca marie wolfski said...

i can't believe it.
i guess changes, big changes always frighten me.
happy days for you guys there!


colorsdiary said...

Thank you Hollow bones :)

@ raluca: sometimes i can't believe it myself but it is real ;)
Thanks a lot!