this is not a dream

i m in a break for work, that kind of break most needed to close your phone and everything around and just go out there  run the world with no precise direction. as my close friend said, I have vanished for a while...

i found out that walking until exhaustion is good, it gets the good and bad out of you and lets you decide what to love and what to hate. i loved all, hated nothing.

i miss blogging after a while with no internet connection and no virtual life. (take this from an addicted person to the phone and wifi) but i decided to stop making plans in this direction as i m not able to keep them.



Zazuza's Gulaschsuppe said...

ah, take your time sis, offline, live the life!

a dreamer. said...

good for you.
see? you're lucky to even been able to take this break.
do bring more pictures!


classiq said...

Enjoy your break! :)

colorsdiary said...

thank you sis :)

dear dreamer,i recorded your wish and will bring more pictures

thank you Ada :)

Anonymous said...

just enjoy your break, we're not going anywhere ;-)