sweet november

I barely have time to breath after a crazy week, so this is to be my moment of joy; quiet, sunday afternoon, I get a chance to stay calm, read Lisa's blog and eat some home made chocolate received from my neighbour.

Same time with the blog reading, I'm having the monthly ritual of checking susan miller horoscope,do you know it?

last but not least, we also have a song to get along with this instant of pure joy, play. the video is also nice.

p.s. the picture is not one of the best phone ones, but I loved the colours so much I had to take one shoot.

have a warm sunday!


Anonymous said...

how sweet you are ;-)
And I'm glad my blog is your Sunday treat.

The colours in that photo are gorgeous.

colorsdiary said...


Inge said...

superbe colours! I love autumn only for this!!!

a dreamer. said...

some days ago i wrote a comment here, but it seems it didn't appear :[

i was saying that probably people who have more busy days and jobs and duties can't wait for free days and moments and vice versa, right?

but i can relate to both situations :).
and btw, that picture is good, cause it shows the colours of autumn, so it is pretty, understood?

colorsdiary said...

yes, it's true, people who have busy days wait impatiently for free days to enjoy silence and good time:P