in bruges

I never thought there is such beauty in a small city like Bruges  (is it small for real or so they say? ); never been there but surely would like to see that morning light and have a chance to walk through the center, maybe add also a view from the tour or one of the bridges.

 so, did you see the movie up to now?


LittleRus said...

This is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I've been to Bruges several times and would love to go back as often I could...
Of course, I've seen the movie on numerous occasions, even got the DVD. :) The funniest thing about the movie was seeing that dog in a window - he really is there watching people. Whenever we visited and walked by, he was there. :)

Vi said...

It looks so beautiful! I would love to go there and walk around the little streets and bridges.

Zazuza said...

imagine living there... a lazy & free life :D :D

a dreamer. said...

no, i didn't saw it, but thank you for sharing.
it must be really pretty!
with that big place in the middle of the city, it looks so much like Prague, oh, the days. sigh.
a few hours ago i was almost breaking into tears after too much lusting and sighing over at least 2 days in Paris and at least buying all stupid souvenirs from there until next time. i already saw myself doing this and that and that. :) my imagination.
hopefully someday we'll get to be in Bruges also.

everybody deserves to get anywhere, at least once in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

No I haven't seen the film but Bruges is a beautiful city and yes, it is small. I've been on my way to photograph it for some time. I promise to do so soon, just for you ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

colorsdiary said...

Little Rus: now I have to get there as well :)
Vi: I hope we ll have that chance some day

Zazuza: :D :D

dear dreamer, I agree with you, everybody deserves to get anywhere, at least once in a lifetime.

Lisa: i'm already addicted to your photos and descriptions, thank you

classiq said...

I haven't been to Bruges, but I think I would love it, I've heard only good things about it. And I haven't seen the movie either, must do that too. :)

City Girl said...

I haven't seen it but after this post I definately will!!