on a happy event

loveliest bride to be and wedding cake

by the time you read this, I am getting back from the loveliest event I attended this year: wedding of a very close beautiful friend. I had a very good time and so much emotions words cannot describe. also I got to meet old and new people, share some drinks, dance and have lots of fun. sometimes you have much more fun with strangers that your own friends (i cannot explain why!)

her bouquet


Ana said...

Such lovely details :) love

Inge said...

I also went to a wedding recently and the bride was so sparkling...but with interior sparklyness :)
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classiq said...

I'm going to a wedding this Saturday. Still figuring out what to wear. :)

BlondeMuse said...

this looks like a beautiful wedding xo

Zazuza's Gulaschsuppe said...

how nice <3

Anonymous said...

how wonderful! Glad to hear you had such a good time.

And yes, what is it with having so much fun with strangers? It must have something to do with the energy of the room or something.

colorsdiary said...

oh yeah, must be the positive energy :)