a change would do you good

everything changes around me and every step I take is a new beginning; change should be good but why the hell it feels so unsafe?


Zazuza said...

well... I like change, but not always :))) sa se revizuiasca, dar sa nu se schimbe nimic :)))

Faboulista said...

we fear change due to fear of the unknown. uknown = loosing control of the situation for some. and that crated panic and fear.

Mihaela Gurau said...

Poza din Romaaa:X

Aura said...

It's ok to fear change. The important thing is to not submit to fear.

a dreamer. said...

the important things is that those changes bring improvement to the actual situation and that you can embrace them according to your lifestyle in a way that can make them fit pretty.
that's what i think.