smile once in a while

I promised I would not put here private photos but these are so funny; I've been out after work with miss R as she wanted to buy some sunglasses, and it turned out we spent a couple of hours in 2 stores where we tried a lot of glasses and hats. as the mirror was kinda busy we took some instant snapshots in order to asses the glasses :))
In the end we did found the ones she wanted and we had a lot of fun ; it's so nice to do stupid things from time to time

p.s. everybody is asking me these days if I was at the Bon Jovi concert. it seems that he left a strong sensation among all the women I know... well no, I wasn't as unfortunately I felt too weak.



Zazuza said...

well, me likes bon jovi not, but me luvz your smile >:D<

Anonymous said...

sounds like the two of you had a fabulous time ;-)

colorsdiary said...


we had great time indeed ;)

a dreamer. said...

you missy should post that face more often!
'making me jealous (about good friends).