good things fall apart with a reason


I've been having some very interesting conversations about life and choices with the taxi driver last night on my way home, and what he told me is what is written here. It turns out I'm being kinda philosophical after an extreme midweek going out, also more efficient at work with only 2 hours sleep :))
do not try this at home (!!) but do embrace the choices you make and the fact that some good things have to fall apart just to leave room to ... awesomeness.



Zazuza said...

tre sa fie ceva... ca si eu am conversatii filosofice cu taximetristii. runs in the family, ar zice unii :)))

colorsdiary said...

haha, ce tare :))

Faboulista said...

i know a lot of taxi drivers that get philpsphical with their clients. its pretty funny. nonetheless he brought up a great point. lets hope it truly is that way.

Anonymous said...

well, i tend to tell myself, once a decision is made, there's no room for regrets, and what-ifs.

a dreamer. said...

oh, i'm so glad i see something familiar, especially with the sleeping hours and philosophical situations! :)

colorsdiary said...

@dear Mina, I really keep the hope it is true, we shall see what future brings

@heartypat: that is a healthy approach, good for you

@dear dreamer: it seems that insomnia connects people :))))

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Alice Dias said...

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