true colors

there are sounds that make me happy for hours, there are people that will find out someday the importance of true feelings, there are memories that will be soon appreciated.
there is a life I see in colors, there is a laughter that makes me move on, there is a person finding happiness in every little thing around.


Zazuza said...

mah, ti-ai dus gropitele din obraji la Roma... normal ca si orasul a zambit odata cu tine <3

colorsdiary said...

eee, pei daca e s-o luam asa, la cati oameni draguti sunt acolo, zambeste orasul ala non stop. wait, cred ca ii invidiez :))

a dreamer. said...

you've been to Rome now?
oh denise, you're so so lucky!
do share more more photos!
i am so so lusting over a vacation, but i'm still crying over myself with the budget issues we're having this year.

next stop?

colorsdiary said...

yes, I've been in a city break to Rome.
we did a marathon in order to be able to see things, we also had some adventures :)

vacation is undefined for me as well, I would love to have a holiday in Portugal :)