sometimes we should not be so afraid

I love Bucharest so much that sometimes I barely wait for the Friday when I leave the city behind and go somewhere when quiet is gently accepted by my thoughts and nobody wants something from me  : )



I'm tired and might not think very clear, but sure know that we should be able to take moments to breath, to say clearly what we want, to give what we have with no fear, to show ourselves as true as we are and be as humans as we can.

I know this sounds like a dream but it might come true, it has to : )


a dreamer. said...

well all these words plus the song make me sigh more for Paris, for feeling free to hunt all the streets and shops and beautiful thing and places and faces up and down.
i'm always sad when i come down to the conclusion that we, or better said me, maybe others have more luck, are limited by money.
it's the thing i hate most in the universe, besides free cruelty.

colorsdiary said...

I think you have big dreams and strong reasons to make them true. If you are limited for the moment, does not mean it will be forever.
We have to stick to our wishes and try as hard as we can to make them true. I won't say it is easy, it isn't...

But I hope you will be able to get where you want.