let's just eat and forget the world!

I always thought there is a certain sense of familiarity or close feeling you get when eating with someone. 
might not apply to a first time if you meet a new person and there is no connection b/w you people, 
but might as well apply if that person is on the same line with you. 
That is why sometimes I'm extremely selective when going out with people, either for lunch or else.
but I am careful to not offend someone, at least I try...

in regards to one of the photos here, I have to mention my mom does the best meat pie ever


Zazuza said...

I know what you mean. I totally relate to food and people, and you know the RO saying "to have the food stuck in your throat" (hahah, how funny does this sound in EN!)... well... I've got once indigestion from eating with the wrong person. it was really really bad, suffered for two entire days hahaha. never again!

Un_strain said...

The right person makes the diffrence.Food is just a delicious pretext.

colorsdiary said...

My dear Zazuza, you just gave me an idea for a good excuse I could use: "sorry, I cannot go out for dinner with u, I m afraid I might get indigestion :)))"

Un_strain: you are so damn right :)

a dreamer. said...

i guess you're right, but damn, it's so nice when you're with the right person,as un_strain remembers :) i quite miss this part, this feeling.
and i really like your cup and your plate!

we should share plates.

Renée said...

the food looks delicious and I am very selective too when it comes to friends. xo

colorsdiary said...

watch'out, dear dreamer, we have a_wise_stranger around ;)

and yeah, we should indeed share plates. why not?

Renee: xo back :)

Ana said...

that's what I said on Saturday :)

colorsdiary said...