since i came back everything is a mix of things i cannot seem to understand or put in order. 
is it me or...?



Zazuza said...

stai asa, ca m-ai pierdut la posetuta, s-a dus romantismul... cineva a fo (si) shopping for goodies yupeeeeeee!

colorsdiary said...

hahaha culmea e ca m-am pierdut si eu pe undeva, nush la care parte :))

Mika said...

Foarte frumoase poze! Se pare ca te-ai distrat super bine la Roma!

P.S.: Dragut blog, te adaug imediat in blogroll:P

colorsdiary said...

Mika: merci
da, a fost ff funny dar si palpitant ;)

a dreamer. said...

well, now i wanna take a piece of each photo.
can i?
even if it's only in my imagination.

colorsdiary said...

of course, u can take a bit of all u like ;)