you are delicious

Another week has started and in the morning I had some reasons to think my karma is in a bad mood since
- 11 street dogs were barking at me on my way to work; I was so afraid that I got back from the way instead of going on. thanks God I did not run but kept calm and avoided them nicely.
- I had to see a doctor today. I hate medical checks and all that is related to them... seems I have to do some investigations but do hope everything will be just fine.
by the end of the day one of my lovely colleagues has gifted me with a massage bar (you see in the photos); she started to do some natural cosmetics, such as soap, scrub and massage bar. first she gave me a brown sugar scrub with green apple oil and today the bar. I felt spoiled and very grateful  for such a lovely surprise.
I generally feel impressed by people able to be creative and produce things with their own hands, such as this nice girl or people who draw, cook, shoot photos or the design houses :d

    Now I leave you with s nice good night song, clicki; if you're reading this in the morning, this is my morning song for you, enjoy


Zazuza said...

cupcake, hope everything is ok with your health. enjoy the nice gift, and take care! <3

a dreamer. said...

you must hate me for saying it again, but aw, you're lucky to have around such nice and inspiring people.
i also hope that your results will be ok so that you can pass through dogs proud and fearless :p.

take good care.

a dreamer

colorsdiary said...

dear Zazuza: I hope as well, we shall see,thanks <3

dear dreamer: omg, I cannot wait for that moment to pass through dogs proud and without wishing so much rather to fly :)