I thought I would setup this collage as a mix of sunny inspiration.
Yellow is somehow energetic but also peaceful, isn't it?
I love the wide fields of yellow little flowers on the road to my mom's house.

The weather here is nice (even with a bit of rain...)
For the past few days, I've been leaving my windows open all day; I can't get enough of sun and fresh air!


Zazuza said...

I like yellow, I like sunny, and I can't get enough of warm weather either. I dream of a perpetual summer. love the photos!

Un_strain said...

I love the photos too. You can have summer as long as you want ( if your heart want to feel). :)

Mirona said...

I also like yellow, maybe I should buy something yellow then! I don't have anything :)

colorsdiary said...

perpetual summer or at least spring would be awesome.

i really hope i ll be able to keep sun in my heart forever ...:)

everyone should have something yellow, do try some :)