buildings and colors

Truthfully, I am extremely happy that the ouikend has come, not because I have something special to do but because of no waking up in the morning, no phone ringing and no stress, just coffee and quiet :) Last night I went out with some friends, another reason to be happily off today, yaaay. 

 Upon browsing for different things on internet,  as most of the times I ended up looking for
houses and interiors, but also some fascinating stuff such as this video from the 2010 architectural 3D awards, and the sixteen chapel inside link
On the same topic, tonight is the "Museums night" in Buch and there is a HD short movie projection on the Institute of Architecture  building. guess who's gonna be there to see it? :d


Zazuza said...

beautiful! what can I say more?

Simoana said...

Wow these shots are extremely effective!!! Love!

colorsdiary said...

thanks :)

classiq said...

This is beautiful. Wonderful collages. :)