I have decided that I like Timisoara, even if it was a 9hours distance by car from Bucharest. Why?
- because of nice people, we've shared opinions about beer with some strangers in the street only because they heard me talking about it (yes, I got fascinated by some German-hard-to-pronounce-name-of-beer I already forgot)
- you can pay parking by text, even if we did it after getting warned :))
- the houses are colored and seem perfectly simple as structure or geometry (i'm not sure how to put this in words but i loved houses)
- there were no dogs in the streets, so I did ramble around in the Botanical park and Cathedral park with no fear, aww the love
- I got the loveliest turquoise bag as present for my upcoming bthday :d
now I have to sleep, otherwise my head will fall on the keyboard :))


Renée said...

these photos are all so gorgeous!

Zazuza said...

looks great. are you afraid of dogs?!

miss B said...

aaa, it looks so beautiful! never been there but it seems so pretty! :D there mus be so many beautiful places to visit in this country. Timi is a must, i guess : )

colorsdiary said...

thanks Renee

Zazuza: I am afraid of street dogs since I got bitten by one... :((

miss B: I realized there is so much to visit in TM once I got there :)

a dreamer. said...

first, it's good to have your head falling on the keyboard. it's a sign you have the moods to sleep, which is something huge for me, i feel blessed when i achieve that state of mind :)
i always said i have to see more of Tim, but i always end up without no one with who to go or with lack of money. usually when i have some money i run away to other countries. i only went to the train station and the bridge that is near the blvd of the train area and a sort of market that was nearby. it was winter. it was snowing so badly. but it was so so nice, that kind of fluffy snow :) so it appeared nice to me. i'm sure it will please me, as Cluj, Sighisoara or Tg Mures does.
your pictures are also really nice, miss, so do take them more often and share.

related to the dog fear, i understand you, i was close to be bitten by 2 dogs years ago at the seaside, but i stopped and tried to talk to them and in the end they shutted it down. there are dogs that don't get it, true, but that doesn't mean you have to fear all them. you just have to pass by like they aren't there and if they come to you just act like you're saying hello to them and make your way towards where you're going to anyway aaaand if it happens again to bark at you or come aggresive to you don't run or try to hit them, cause it will only get worst. it's like someone will begin to hit you and of course you'll fight back, cause you won't stand and just watch while you get hurt, right?

sorry for talking too much about dogs, but i adore them and i know that some of them are bad, but i suffer each day from the missunderstanding that exists, for example, in our country and the cruel things that are applied for all, no matter if they are good or bad.
anyways, i don't want to develope this subject, cause it's really a delicate one for me, i'm whiny about it, my bad.

do not forget to take picture and share with us your goodie new bag.

a dreamer.

colorsdiary said...

dear dreamer, i often have trouble sleeping during the nights, it gets awful in the morning...
about the photos, uhm, I have some doubts because I can't seem to make some normal pictures, all of them are taken from wrong angles and seem not in order :(