if only I could meet this photographer I would hardly be able to say how much I was impressed by these photos because the words would not come in the proper order to do it.Its great to have a talent and be able to do great things with your own hands.

Off topic, I had a great weekend where I got a shorter haircut, celebrated my mom's anniversary, went to a picnic and also had some white wine.

I'm still impressed for the little happiness I could get from small things these days.


a dreamer. said...

delight us with some personal photos?
btw, i love how the template is turning out nicely, like personal :).
i'm always confused about mine, it always seems to me like it's too much with the background or too poor with the header and the font.
i want to feel it, sort of warm, dreamy, like floating when you enter.
i still don't get that feeling. maybe i'm the problem, since nothing is enough.

i already wrote too much, my apologies :)

classiq said...

Wow, the fifth photo just captivated me. What a capture! The intensity in her eyes! Beautiful.

colorsdiary said...

dear dreamer: i love your comments, also the way your blog changed lately.hope you will get to what you want about the way it looks :)

classiq: thanks

Mika said...

Interesting pics!


The Hearabouts said...

Amazing photo selection! Thanks for sharing :)


Zazuza said...

I see why. impressive. and beautiful. and fragile, somehow.

Renée said...

these portraits are so beautiful!!!

colorsdiary said...

tx :)