going the distance

how are you, lovelies? all my days lately were work and going out so this is why i did not have time to do anything else... worked a lot but also laughed a lot, tried some great wine and bought nice stuff as well. done some midnight shopping in a supermarket and felt like chaos all over. 
chaos is good from time to time but not on a long term (god, i m so trying to be organized but it gets to me, now i m actually in the list period when i do a list for everything :))
starting today i will have some days off, which means finally i get a chance to sleep and see stupid movies such as this one with drew barrymore. the movie is the story of long distance relationships who can work or not. in the movie ofc it works just fine and things are ending happily. for me it never worked.

hope you have a great Easter and lot of chocolate :P 


Suflet naiv said...

It didn't work for me also, distance love kinda sux
I enjoyed the movie, anyway ^.^

Andreea said...

Happy Easter to you too :*

Zazuza said...

happy beautiful Easter >:D<

a dreamer. said...

oh, it doesn't matter, we now tend to try to be "selfdidacted", only reading Dostoevsky and seeing psychological movies, we live in the generation that tends to be the "clever that it isn't".
personally i'm sick of people always trying to show to the world that they are working on having a perfect life.

in other words, i loved this movie. it's an easy movie :), but what's the beauty in it is that it has a personal touch and we all can relate to the moments and stages of a relationship and the sparkle that we feel when a story begins to shape. so all in all, it was a worthy movie, for me.
you're a lucky girl, i think i've already said that, cause you have the chance to work and go out and stuff. i'm glad to know it, honestly.

happy, kind and peaceful Easter days to you too, dear.

Renée said...

Think I have to see this movie, happy Easter! xo

colorsdiary said...

thank you all for your wishes and sharing opinions. Renee, do try to find & see it and let me know what youn think of it!

Diary of Mia said...

It is very nice movie! Loved it!

colorsdiary said...

dear dreamer: i also believe there is something in easy movies that relates to our experiences or to situations where we can be involved.
thank you for telling me i am lucky, i never realised or appreciated that until you said it.
thanks a lot!