butterflies in my stomach


last night i could not sleep (again!), so I've stayed eyes wide open reading horoscopes (i do that instead counting sheep:)), looking at the ceiling and thinking about what April might bring... while trying to put things in order in my so called life, I have listened to some good songs played by the lovely Romanian band called "Butterfly in my stomach". great name, right? if you can spare some minutes, do try some and let me know what you think. my fav play is "why is so romantic" and there is another one in Romanian here.

hope you have a nice week!


Suflet naiv said...

For a moment I thought is Alexandrina Hristov's voice

Lívia Salazar said...

just love this pic :)


colorsdiary said...

Suflet naiv : i was about to trick you, right? ;)hey, where is your blog anyway?

@Livia: me too:)

Suflet naiv said...

I don't have one ^.^ (anymore)