miss dior cherie


you are already familiar with me admiring Natalie Portman, well ... this video is from the campaign she did for Miss Dior Cherie... 

Natalie Portman for Christian Dior "Miss Dior Cherie" from sofia bibi on Vimeo.

by coincidence i just got this perfume in small edition (have to admit i love the small bottles)

now i'd like to know what scents you like this spring. 


Zazuza said...

she's awesome, indeed! and her image fits this perfume. or the other way around :))

Inge said...

I'm curious 2 c how the Dior scandal will affect her as being the ambassador...but she's lovely!

Suflet naiv said...

I love her too since No Strings Attached & Black Swan

colorsdiary said...

@Zazuza: i agree, both ways :))

@Inge: uhm, we'll have to keep an eye on that

@suflet naiv: i have to see NSA !!

a dreamer said...

oh, i adore this perfume! i thought over and over again if i should buy it, cause i'm a little under budget all the time. from where did you bought the collection? i only saw it under an accesible price on strawberry. i also thought if i should buy the collection or the Cherie L'eau for this spring. the Bouquet one is also perfect for autumn/winter!

so love, love, love!