life should be a cup of cake


how are you, dears?
for me it was one of those days when i managed to break everything around me, starting with a very nice watch and finishing with the washing machine ... seems like the planets did not want to align so i need to get out there and put them in order but i don't know how :)) 
any advice would be welcomed.

note: photo source unknown, tell me if you know


Susanne said...


Zazuza said...

keep calm and have a cupcake ;)

colorsdiary said...

thanks girls

a dreamer. said...

guess you're on the same line with me.
these past days i've cried over my first self-bought beautiful beautiful white mirror for my bedroom :(
i was so attached to it, damn.
(it was also on sale, so it was perfect! :">)
hope i'll get the chance to find the same one again.
and think and act like Zazuza said :)!

a dreamer. said...

ps again: i also never got to add you in the dddp list. will do it now. i haven't updated it since last year. only made a few deletes :p

colorsdiary said...

a dreamer: i feel you for that mirror :(
hope u get the change to replace it.

ps. tx

classiq said...

these photos are so romantic! lovely selection.