~ good morning weekend ~

i am having terrible time with waking up in the morning during the week, instead saturday i am up very early and that makes me crazy. i have to find a way to switch on the light earlier in the week but i've tried all the possible methods. 

in these pictures you will be able to see some Weet-bix cereals i have discovered lately and started to eat in the morning. (when i have the time to eat because i'm mostly crazy to run at work).
as far as i see spring is coming, so let's go out and have some fun. i am happy that weather will finally allow me to put on some sport shoes, i was really getting bored with Uggs.


Susanne said...

enjoy your weekend!:)

Zazuza said...

good morning! looks yummy.

colorsdiary said...

u too Susanne! :)

@Z :)