uuuuu night of Oscars

i did set up here below the link for the Oscar nominees (as tonight is the festivity), could not say i have favorites since i could not see lot of movies but:

Nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards | Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

i was impressed by "Black swan", Natalie Portman is truly doing a great role
i have admired Colin Firth in the "King's speech", his determination could be an example for lot of people
i think "Inception"might get something as well, not sure
i loved the effects for Alice in Wonderland”. 

do you have any fav?

later edit: i loved Natalie Portman's Rodarte dress



Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I lOVED Inception and Alice in Wonderland. Two of my favorites. :) I want to see Black Swan and The Kings Speech so bad!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Renée said...

I love inception, so I am happy they won an oscar and I wish I could wear all the dresses

nookie said...

I didn't see King's Speech & Inception yet... but that's gonna change soon;)
loved Black Swan:x

colorsdiary said...

@Chelsea Elisabeth: both of your fav got something ;)
@Renee: did u really like all the dresses?

@nookie: you have to see at least the first one :)
glad u loved Black Swan


Zazuza said...

I was impressed by how good Natalie Portman looks, being pregnant and all!

colorsdiary said...

@Zazuza: me too :)