have a calm weekend

A house with calming effects somewhere in Holland is a very nice idea to escape from this ugly weather we had these days. I just love the tranquil home reflects  and the gentle colors, ideas of Paula Leen who creates beautiful handmade textiles in Akkrum, a village in the Dutch region of Fries-land.  More details, here. 

pics from marieclaire.it


Zazuza said...

oh, those wide wide windows... splendid!

classiq said...

I like the simplicity of the house, probably reflecting the simple and beautiful life in the Dutch village where it is situated.

DailyDreamDecor said...

ahh love this one!
have a calm weekend too!!


The student's guide to affordable luxury said...

I love this post! As much as I like colours I still end up with the same conclusion: I like white walls, black wooden furniture and the soft grey concrete!

colorsdiary said...

Zazuza: wide windows= lot of light= love (for me:)

classiq: i can imagine beautiful life in the surroundings of that village
DailyDreamDecor : tx
The student's guide to affordable luxury said: this is because they will never be out of style:)