what is your fav quote?

funny, inspirational or thought provoking, i love quotes; i do store and sometimes retain them (not so often... i have an altered elephant memory), i write lines from movies and i just remembered that was also initially the purpose of this blog: to gather things that inspire people, quotes and nice stuff about beauty and creativity (someone pls remind me to stop getting into personal stuff occasionally, i'd like to follow this purpose !:)


this poster is from thewheatfield, grats to the person able to create such nice things, if
someone is intestered in buying the posters, they can be found here


Zazuza said...

how sweet! and true!

The student's guide to affordable luxury said...

This is very true! I love quotes too and I think the last one that caught my attention is:
"I don't exercise a sport where the ambulance is waiting by the goal line". It made me smile and it gave me a good answear to give when people ask why I don't ski :)

Veronica said...

LOVE this song!
And i love this episode of Gossip girl! Great choise!

Follow me?I'll be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!


colorsdiary said...

@The student's guide to affordable luxury: this is indeed very new and useful for me as well :)

@Veronica: thanks

a dreamer. said...

hm, did my pages gone wild and i posted a comment on the wrong post?
anyways, it's ok to talk about you, because this blog represents you, with all you have!
at least that's what i think.

colorsdiary said...

i found your comment, and u are in the right place. thanks for this, it helps me :)