hey december, what's up?

i've never been good or interested to blog stats, statistics and stuff regarding numbers on blogs; i always put on blog things i like or i recommend or small things i have been thinking about. today i got (dunno how) into bloglovin and i started to add some links i like. hope I'm doing a good thing, I'll hammer it out later for deep discovery. if someone has any recommendations, sharing is welcomed!
off topic, today is national day in Romania, so happy National Day, Romanians! i am at work so i am not happy :( the only thing that made me proud to be Romanian at a certain point was the fact that i have traveled recently in the same subway train with the awesome actress Maia Morgestern.
December is starting today, so we all have to be happy and bright, otherwise ...no presents for Christmas. keep that in mind and enjoy thinking about the Christmas wish list :)

p.s. today I've discovered this lovely fashion blog, so go ahead and check it!

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