i need

- some wedges: but they won't have to be to high because i'll break my neck, not to mention my feet :)

- winter boots: have not yet decided if UGG will come into discussion since i consider them totally not feminine; and yeah, i know they are comfy ;)

- a new phone: still unable to chose b/w blackberry curve /bold, Iphone (everybody is an iphone person lately) or nokia e71. any recommendations would be welcomed.

- a new serial addiction; i kept following 'gossip girl' but i feel it would be the need for something else as well. i have been looking up to the trailers for 'Fringe', 'Human target', 'Lie to me' and still searching.


A dreamer. said...

I need some wedges too!
black ones!
and if they could be maximum 5cm high it would be great!
but it's impossible.
I would want a new phone too, I'm pending between BB, Iphone and Milestone.
and to keep me far from black thoughts and feelings, I'm also counting on movies and series to watch, so I have many many of them that I haven't watched yet: the new ep of season 7 of Grey's, 90210, CSI, the new ep of season 4 of Gossip, neither the O.C.
you could also look for the seasons of ANTP USA or Australia.

there, I've said enough!
too bad wedges and phones are pending a long long time because of low budget :(

colorsdiary said...

i am with you for the heels height.
i ve decided to Nokia in the end due to budget and other stuff i had to change.
thanks for the recommendations (movie wise)

Poo said...

Same here, I need a new mobile. I use Blackberry Curve 8520 now and it's awesome though, maybe you can get this one too :)

Oh and yes some wedges too!

colorsdiary said...

@Poo: thanks.

Ana said...

I need THAT wedges ;)

colorsdiary said...