i got you babe :)

so, as you can easily see below, i'm proudly having the chance to wear the nice MJ bracelet i got from Ioana's giveaway; it took me some time until i posted the pictures (my bad, had some trouble with the postal services, also with my camera) but ...voila. i'm happy to have it and as far as i saw everybody around me admired it so much that i was barely standing on my feet for joy. ah, the box had a pretty prettty card that you will see here in the first photo; the card was hand written by Ioana, oh, so nice as i'm a true paper lover. tx Miss Fashezine :) 

 last but not least, an obsesive monday song and a nice video, play 


nookie said...

you so lucky, love it:x

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

Hey! I just saw this! I'm just thrilled that you FINALLY got it! I'm sure it looks beautiful on you ;)

From one paper lover to another,