one of these evenings at galleron

one of the past evenings i went to galleron to meet teh cute girls i knew from blogs and not only, and despite the crazy thoughts i had about how weird it can be when you meet wrong people, i met some of the luveliest girls ever, girls that have cooking in commun and many many others (but let set things clear in my regards, the mistery of cooking started to be revealed to me recently because of these blogs i read; otherwise it would be awfully hard to forget the number of times i burned my fingers in the oven, how many pancakes i've been spreading all over the kitchen, and how i managed to do black bread from something that was meant to end up in bruschettis ...)
leaving aside the place or the way waiters were at galleron or the icecream (kinda yuck), i met Cookie- the girl that got me to enter in the kitchen and say to myself i should not be afraid to stay there, Mazi - from her blog i started to take notes about spices and all sort of interesting stuff that gloriously replace now
the list of stupid useless items i was buying some time ago, Ada - the girl that actually tested recipes and had success in the kitchen, yaay, Misaki - the japanise wise experienced girl of our table, that took us imaginary in the interesting life of Japan and suffered with us because of the betty ice galleron icecream, Delice - the lovely h&m& shoes connaisseur, she can tell you for hours where to go and what to get plus many other interesting things and you'll always like to listen to her, Smara - the pretty redhead that brought us flowers and was so emotional and cute. 
all in all it was a lovely lovely evening blessed with Lemanoir bonbons from Cookie (i know i'm abusing the lovely word, sorry for that) and for me it was twice revealing since i got accidentaly to know that Cookie's best friend is owning one of the blogs i was really really reading a lot some time ago.
i hope we will repeat this experience soon.


Ada said...

Such lovely ( :-) ) comments! It was indeed a beautiful evening we must repeat! It was so nice to meet you all!

denise said...

i agree with u :)