well it's monday and it's midnight, i'm just having a glass of honey milk and some biscuits and thinking of all the nice stuff i've seen recently, uuuuuuuuu;
  1. let's start with a movie, say Nine; i'm not a big fan of musicals but this one caught my attention mostly since it was shot in Italy. i love la bellaaaaaaaaaaa italia although i've never seen it for real. another thing about this movie is i saw Marion Cotillard acting and i enjoyed her very much. so, if you want to be italian just click for the trailer.
  2. if you are not impressed with this movie, you could go out for a glass of white wine, not sure if i mentioned this but i'm a huge fan of white wine served in chilled cold glass, this would go with a song called monaco, french wise this time. slightely but surely we're becoming international... : )
  3. third but not least if you feel like cooking these days or maybe in the weekend, i recommend the pink cake, not only it looks delicious but you can make a big one and share it with friends; all the details are available on the good food magazine blog, which i yummy a lot lately.
looking up above, i say we have some real good chances of starting a good week. afterall the volcano is not at all under our control so we cannot do much.
p.s. i did something to my reading list, unable to say what and to repair it but i'll try.


Ana said...

I love the way you write, it fits my soul perfectly:)
And thank you so much for finding the time to leave me a comment, it made me very happy:)

I'm gonna follow you.:)
Lots of hugs

d. said...

hey, i m really impressed with your comment, i would not have thought someone pays attention to my writing, tx. happy happy joy joy :)