do u like grey?

when i see people in grey i feel like hugging them; grey is the color of the morning when you woke up with that total crave of love and laziness, nothing to worry about and a perfect day laying at your feet. grey is that rainy day when you waited for someone alone in a coffeeshop, you stared through the window and saw that silhouette you were waiting running up to meet you. grey is that taupe jersey dress that makes you feel comfortable and feminine and fits your day as well as a nice evening out


Ana said...

Well yes I do I love gray so much especially because I love all the neutral and nude colors.
Nice post:)

Lots of hugs

nookie said...

yep, love grey and that's a pretty dress;)

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

YES YES YES! So refreshing to see a post on gray. I just love it. Such a great color to mix other colors with, but also by itself. And I especially like how you wrote about it. :) Grey and rain to all time favorites, that are being wrongly underestimated.

denise said...

@ Ana & nookie: i m glad :)
@ Ioana: i share your enthusiasm